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Private Pay Home Care

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What is Private Pay Home Care Services? 

Private pay home care is for clients who do not qualify for the Community Care Program and have to pay out of pocket. There are many ways that we can help make home care affordable. Speak to one of our advisors today to learn more! 

Personal Care

  • Dressing

  • Grooming

  • Toilet Assistance


  • Meal Preparation

  • Nutrition Monitoring

  • Eating Assistance 


  • Well-being Checks

  • Referral Services

Outside Tasks

  • Daily Errands

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Doctor Appointments

Light Housework

  • Cleaning & Organizing

  • Dish Washing

  • Laundry

We realize there is individual care that each client needs. In order to meet the demands of each client, we have a customized package. 

Download the program info or speak to our advisor today to learn more.


Paying for Home Care Services 

We offer flexible options for our clients and their loved families. 

One of the frequently asked questions that we get from clients is "how can we pay for services?". 


We understand that paying for unexpected non-medical care can be a burden on families. We want to help make it affordable for you or your loved ones to be cared for in the comfort of your home.

Calculating Budget

Private Pay

Many families that do not have access to veterans or long-term care benefits will use a combination of their retirement, social security, pension, savings, reverse mortgage, personal loans, life insurance equity, bank loans, or home equity to pay for their services. These options give immediate access to be able to afford service. Our home care advocate will help you navigate through your options and help you find accommodations that will fit your needs. 

Long-Term Care Insurance

You or your loved ones may have long-term care insurance in place to help you with home care services. Depending on the terms of your insurance plan, you may be able to access funds that will allow you to pay for services.


Contact our home care advocate today and we can help you explore if this is an option for you. 

Additional Payment Options

Quality care for you or your loved ones should not be compromised due to cost. We will do everything that we can to help you explore all of your options for making the service affordable. 

There are (CCP) Medicaid programs that are available to those who qualify. This program is to help older adults stay out of nursing homes and live comfortably in their own homes as long as the care is less than in the nursing home. This requires an evaluation and approval process. 

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